Creative Consultation with Andrew McLuhan

Creative Consultation with Andrew McLuhan


We are so pleased to announce the addition of Andrew McLuhan to our CITADEL collective.

Andrew is our Creative Consultant, offering additional guidance for writers looking to transform not just their craft, but their lives as artists.

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Work with Andrew, Director of The McLuhan Institute (TMI), to cultivate a deeper sense of meaning as you learn to inhabit the art you produce, to let that art inhabit you.

Andrew writes, speaks, and consults on innovation and the effects of technologies, and works one-on-one with people to expand their sense of the world, broaden their perception and deepen their creative potential and output. He specializes in disruption, bringing unique perspectives to any given topic or work, drawing attention to unexpected convergences and creating a sense of wonder and excitement in a project.

In Andrew’s words, “Writing is the least of it. The most consequential poetic acts happen well before pen meets page. If the writer shapes the piece, what shapes the writer? The art of the writer and the craft of the text are distinct. The art of the writer is in perception and revelation, experience and relation. This is what sets writer apart. The craft and the editorial process, are to the side of that—related, and not lesser, to be sure.

Ezra Pound said ‘the artist is the antennae of the race.’ Much growth can happen if one tends to the matters of perception and experience, nurturing and expanding one’s senses, encountering new ideas and new ways of sensing.

The metaphysics of writing first form in the author, and then inform the work.”


Your work with Andrew will begin with an intake phone call or meeting in which Andrew will get to know you and your creative goals.

This may take place over the phone or at The McLuhan Institute in Prince Edward County.

Drawing from the theories of Marshall McLuhan, and focusing on technology and self as medium, Andrew will create a tailor-made package of readings and exercises to help guide you towards a deeper understanding of yourself as an artist, as well as catapult you towards more intentional living within and around your art.

You will touch base four times throughout the year to track progress.

This consultation is a relationship - Make the most of it.