for writers

an MFA alternative that is more intimate, more fun, and way more invested

CITADEL offers all the MENTORSHIP and resources of an MFA at a fraction of the cost. With your annual membership you will have rolling editorial feedback on your creative projects, publication and career GUIDANCE, weekly workshops and or networking events, and fun creativity building events.

Our approach

Seeing a need for innovative and forward-thinking creative organizations, we have created a space where writers and artists get the tools and resources gained in an MFA program at a small fraction of the price. Pulling on the expertise of founders Robin Richardson and Jaclyn Desforges, along with that of guest mentors and lecturers, Citadel provides not only individualized feedback and career guidance, but also a space for play, exploration, learning, and networking.

The creative community in Canada is stifled in its own established systems, many of which are outdated and without the freedom required for experimental innovation. Citadel is not government funded and so in not beholden to traditional modes of operation. It is our singular goal to create and foster a space that is uniquely intense and original, sparking the creative flame that so many creators feel devoid of in an otherwise homogenized support system. 

We have put our whole hearts and resources into this project and would like to invite you to consider how you would like to be a part of it. You help has the capacity to make a massive impact on our ability to create the strongest possible impact on our members, and thus on their creative contribution to the culture.


We offer original and intensive experiences that make the difference between aspiring and being.

* Workshops and top-notch editorial feedback

  • One-on-one creative and career consultation with award-winning writers

  • Time and space to work 

  • Unique networking opportunities

  • Tailored immersive experiences emphasizing play

  • High-profile galas and concerts

  • Cross-pollination of arts disciplines

  • Publication resources and guidance 

  • Unique networking opportunities

  • Meditation and lifestyle retreats

  • Intensive Accessing the Unconscious seminars

  • Access to the grounds and stargazing equipment


Because our resources are limited, we can only take on a limited number of writers per year.

Send the following to

  • Bio and letter of intent

  • 10 page writing sample

  • brief outline of your writing goals

For creative professionals

Citadel offers unique, membership-based arts experiences and resources in a controlled and fully immersive environment.

We cater to those who are serious about breaking convention and who are ready to invest in taking their creative ENDEAVORS to another level. In addition to creative workshops and retreats, we have guest speakers and facilitators as well as high-profile events on a rolling basis.

We take a depth PSYCHOLOGY approach to unlocking each of our member’s creative potential, ACKNOWLEDGING the power of the unconscious and using intensive (albiet enjoyable) METHODS to access and unlock it. we are your catalyst. We will take the reins and draw you out of your slump into the next level of you own being aas thus of your creative and career POTENTIAL. Prepare for late nights, jarring visions, and the kind of deep DISORIENTATION that leads to breakthrough.

Our events take place on a weekly basis, and include SURREALIST salons, chef’s tables, artist talks, accessing the UNCONSCIOUS seminars, as well as practical EDITORIAL and creative workshop.

our job is stripping away the false, and drawing you out into the light of your true potential. We are both SERIOUS and deeply pleased about this mission.

Our services are ideal for creatives in fields such as film, ADVERTISING, photography, CONSULTATION, and branding. If you would like to book a group membership for your company, get in touch at